Case Studies: What Others Like You Say About Our Results

Dr. Heather Lambert, DC
Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine

Before: Overworked and stuck at $500K a year in collections, frustrated by unqualified leads

Now: Has a "consistent bloodline" of new patients, 136% practice growth & now collecting over $4,000,000 a year

"I can tell you our total business grew by 136% last year alone... Over 4M a year [in collections]" - Dr. Lambert


Dr. Kendra & Troy Pearson
Northland Physical Medicine

Before: Lead in the wrong direction by a BIG marketing company

Now: Making $90-$100,000/mo with Facebook, 30% practice growth, opening new office & headed for $2,300,000 in collections this year.

"I mean you guys are probably generating at least  $100,000... $90,000 a month for us overall." - The Pearsons


Dr. Justin Woodside, DC
Compass Medical Center

Before: Trying Facebook Ads themselves and not getting good results

Now: Just opened his 4th million dollar practice & satellite office, 100 event attendee dinners and more! Marketing without the effort.

"It's the success of marketing without the effort." - Dr. Woodside


Dr. Jerry Relth, DC
Living Better Healthcare

Before: Talks of bankruptcy + spent $10K on a marketing build out that didn't work in the highly competitive SoCal market (18 Docs within 2 blocks)

Now: Making $50,000 a month in collections after just 90 days on our program. Happy as could be. Solvent.

"We sing your praises on a daily basis. I appreciate you more than you know."

- Dr. Relth


Dr. Craig McGiffin, DC
Core Health Solutions

Before: Inconsistent leads that were tough to schedule.

After: Getting 100 appointment requests a month. Dr. McGiffin's 3 man practice is on it's way to $1,000,000 in collections this year. They also have certainty in how to contact & schedule appointments.

“You guys send us over 100 leads a month... The consistency is the number one thing I like about it.” - Dr. McGiffin


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