Imagine Perfect New Patient Scheduling

That Maximizes every new patient opportunity

FACT: Scheduling inquiries from paid advertising is VERY Different from Handling referral based calls.

"I can't get them on the phone!"

"They don't call back!"

"They schedule, but don't show!"

But... some practices are making a fortune with these same leads!

You can waste a ton of money on "bad leads" when it's really a scheduling technique issue!

Introducing Our Proprietary Online New Patient Scheduler Training Program That Has changed Everything

This Groundbreaking course Includes:

  • How to get people on the phone
  • Example text messages that work
  • Establishing the right relationship with the new prospect
  • How to make the new person value a free consultation appointment
  • Quickly building the doctor's authority, so the person is thankful and more likely to accept care
  • Starter scripts
  • Successful answers to:
    • "Do you Take My Insurance?"
    • "How much is it?"
  • Getting more arrivals from "leads" with less time and effort
  • How to avoid New Patient Scheduler burnout so you keep good employees

"The course is a valuable tool even to those who have been scheduling for a long time, a new perspective."

-Tammy S. -

More about the training:

  • 10 videos that comprise 6 short lessons that train staff quickly (2-3 hours to complete)
  • Compiled from direct interviews with the nation's most successful schedulers (not consultants or gurus, but the people who do it daily!)
  • Short video and caption format is fast and easy to understand
  • Modular course lets you flexibly train in the time you have 
  • In-course assessments to show measurable results and improved show rates
  • Designed by adult learning experts for maximum fast absorption by staff
  • Filled with practical exercises that improve applied competency
  • Train unlimited staff at your location
  • Forms the foundation of a repeatable procedure
  • Have staff go through materials as many times as needed to keep their skills sharp!
  • NEW - Masterclass Scheduler Interviews added!!!
    Three full length video interview training sessions directly with the top schedulers on EXACTLY how they get 80%+ new patient show up rates!

These professional schedulers get 70%, 80% even 90% of all marketing-generated leads to arrive in the office.

Want to pick their brains on how?

THAT's WHAT WE DID. The Masterclass bonus addition on the course is a series of in-depth "How to" interviews where the secret nuggets of wisdom are revealed!

I liked the schedulers interviews because they talked about both the good and the bad. I can relate to starting this position with no experience and having to build from the ground up. Hearing that the most successful schedulers had issues and their explanations on how to avoid or improve them has given me confidence and on how to deal with those situations.

-Esmeralda A. -

This Course is the easiest way to make Sure Online leads pay off

Just Sit Your Scheduler In Front Of This Course And A Few Hours Later You Have A Fully Trained Scheduling Master!

Option 1:  $2500/year

Purchase 1 year of access to The New Patients  Schedulers and the Masterclass course through our online training portal.


Option 2:  FREE With Any Marketing Service 

All our new patient marketing clients receive open access to the course for their staff. Train, re-train and make full use of the program to maximize every new patient opportunity our program provides.

"This course brings a general and deep awareness of how to improve getting new patients in. An excellent course!"

-Drew G. -


Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to reduce the number of "no shows" on their practice schedule.

Usually this is for practices following an aggressive growth model where they are using paid advertising to bring in a significant portion of their new patients. 

Referrals tend to be easy to schedule with a lower "no show" rate. But it's hard to grow revenue on those alone.

This course is designed to work with the less connected, less familiar people who respond to you for help from paid advertising. 

Most schedulers do not have this skill naturally, but it can be taught!

Can I get this information elsewhere?

No. We created this course entirely in house with our own clients in mind. It is not based on any earlier released system but rather on hard won practical lessons we learned from helping clients with tens of thousands of new patient appointment inquiries per year. In an age of texting and cell phones, we had to develop entirely new techniques. 

Why did you make this course?

We created this course in response to our clients needing to train their personnel quickly to handle the flow of new patient prospects we send them from our online marketing campaigns. 

Our focus is in our clients making a good return on investment from our program. Even the best leads can be wasted if there is not an expert scheduling them. 

Application of the material in this course can make or break an office that wants to grow with advertising ads (from any source). We have turned around dozens of clients' campaigns with what is contained in the basic course materials. 

Is it really worth the money?

Yes - if you use it. Do the math for yourself. How many new patient "no shows" did you have last year in your practice? Even if it's just 3 per month that is 36 new patient opportunities missed. Getting a few more of these to arrive for care is worth quite a bit to your bottom line!

Plus we let you train multiple staff and even new hires on the program. All you have to do is have  them apply what they learn.

What are my alternatives?

Live with your current no show rate and endure the "cost" of lost revenue all year long.

Practice consultants - $10,000 to $20,000 expense each time.
(note: We saw someone pay another company $17,000 recently for a program to train their new patient schedulers. They did not have success until they had their staff do this condensed training. 

"This honestly was the best put together course for new patient scheduler that I have ever been through. I wish some of the offices I worked at ran this way."

-Tony K. -

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