Bob Kovacs, DC

Dr. Robert (Bob) Kovacs, DC

"We saw 202 patients in one week, which we haven't done in 15 years" - Dr. Kovacs

Dr. Shannon Roznay, DC
Thrive Wellness

This Doc Will Reach a $1,000,000 All Cash Practice This Year at Just 3.5 Days of Work

Dr. Minsky, DC

"Transformed my practice" and gets 1-3 new patient inquiries (leads) per day sustained over the last year!

Dr. Fieni, DC

"14 Scheduled Appointments in 6 Days... I could do cartwheels right now!"

A'ngela - Marketing Director

"Our ROI right now is about $38 per lead which is astronomically impressive compared to $200, on average, for the industry."

Dr. Morris, DC

"I'll walk in on a Monday morning and there will be numbers of emails, numbers of calls, and we will have people to call back... that are looking for a solution to their problem."

Dr. Burford, DC

"...Now with The Customer, we've doubled the number of new patients... all of our stats have doubled in the last 6 months...

Dr. Patrick King, DC

"If you're thinking about it, quit thinking and sign up.... It's been one of the best choices I've made in a long time when it's come to marketing."

VIDEO: 5 Stem Cell Cases Closed in Only 3 Days. Explosive Results!

227 new patient appointment requests, best program ever

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