Case Studies: What Others Like You Say About Our Results

Dr. Heather Lambert, DC
Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine

Before: Overworked and stuck at $500K a year in collections, frustrated by unqualified leads.

Now: Has a "consistent bloodline" of new patients, 136% practice growth & now collecting over $4,000,000 a year.

"I can tell you our total business grew by 136% last year alone... Over 4M a year [in collections]" - Dr. Lambert

Dr. Kendra & Troy Pearson
Northland Physical Medicine

Before: Lead in the wrong direction by a BIG marketing company.

Now: Making $90-$100,000/mo with Facebook, 30% practice growth, opening new office & headed for $2,300,000 in collections this year.

"I mean you guys are probably generating at least  $100,000... $90,000 a month for us overall." - The Pearsons

Dr. Justin Woodside, DC
Compass Medical Center

Before: Trying Facebook Ads themselves and not getting good results.

Now: Just opened his 4th million dollar practice & satellite office, 100 event attendee dinners and more! Marketing without the effort.

"It's the success of marketing without the effort." - Dr. Woodside

Dr. Craig McGiffin, DC
Core Health Solutions

Before: Inconsistent leads that were tough to schedule.

After: Getting 100 appointment requests a month. Dr. McGiffin's 3 man practice is on it's way to $1,000,000 in collections this year. They also have certainty in how to contact & schedule appointments.

“You guys send us over 100 leads a month... The consistency is the number one thing I like about it.” - Dr. McGiffin

More Testimonials:

Dr. Tymothy Flory

Atlas Brain & Spine

Shane Kokoszka

Health Restoration Inc and HR Pain Management

Dr. Matt Chenault

Greenville Rehab and Pain Clinic

A'ngela - Marketing Director

True Health Medical

"Our ROI right now is about $38 per lead which is astronomically impressive compared to $200, on average, for the industry."

Dr. David Morris

Magnolia Medical Center

"I'll walk in on a Monday morning and there will be numbers of emails, numbers of calls, and we will have people to call back... that are looking for a solution to their problem."

Dr. Eric Narrell

Restore Health Center

Georgette Braadt

Cedar Crest Chiropractic

Dr. Robert Kovacs

Gilroy Health And Wellness Center

"We saw 202 patients in one week, which we haven't done in 15 years"

Dr. Minsky

The Health Center

"Transformed my practice" and gets 1-3 new patient inquiries (leads) per day sustained over the last year!

Jimmy Alauria

3A Automotive and Diesel

Dr. Greg Palkowski

First Team Medical Clinics

Dr. Patrick King

Premier Wellness Group

"If you're thinking about it, quit thinking, go ahead and sign up.... It's been one of the best choices I've made in a long time when it's come to marketing."

Dr. Burford

Ideal Health Solutions

"...Now with The Customer, we've doubled the number of new patients... all of our stats have doubled in the last 6 months...

Dr. Jerry Relth

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