If you see this page, we still have slots available. Offer will be withdrawn when our production
schedule is full (about 12 new clients).

A consistent flow of qualified new patients will make 2020 your best year ever. 

Watch the video to see what the deal is and why successful practices love what we do for them.

"We went from $5K a month in revenue, with a $6500 overhead, to $50k a month in 90 days. So, dramatic change in our ability to stay successful. All we do is with you."

Jerry Relth, DC 

"I can tell you that our total business grew by 136% last year alone. Over $4M a year. I cannot tell you how vitally important it is that I don't have to do anything on the side of making sure that there are bodies that are interested in coming in for care. I thank you for your team for making sure you're on top of that."

Heather Lambert, DC

"We saw 202 patients in one week, which we haven't done in 15 years."

Dr. Kovacs, DC

"You guys are generating at least a $100,000 a month for us overall. So, definitely go with you guys."

Kendra Pearson, DC and Troy Pearson

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